• Focus

    FOCUS is an acronym denoting our commitment to committing human
    and technical resources to achieve Capacity, Health, Education, Livelihood,
    Advocacy and Participation for all hardest places as a sign of
    God's unconditional love.

  • Focus Education

    FOCUS see education a key pillar to development. We focus on
    primary education especially on community based education.
    This increases access to children in remote villages where
    formal schools do not function due to lack of enough resources.
  • Save Children

    Since every today turns into a tomorrow, likewise, every child is to a leader in
    a specific area to hold and protect the coming commnunity. Focus works with
    commnunities to protect children by ensuring communities understand and
    take appropriate measures to ensure children;s right to protect and
    promote violence-free commnunities.

Welcome to

Focus Development Organization

FOCUS is an acronym denoting our commitment to committing human and technical resources to achieve Capacity, Health, Education, Livelihood, Advocacy and Participation for all. FOCUS is a local NGO, with a focus on rural and grassroots communities. FOCUS is well networked across the country acts locally and thinks globally. The goal and objectives of FOCUS reflect the fundamental principles of Constitution of Afghanistan as well as current International commitments to global development goals and conventions.

FOCUS was built a core team of committed Executive Committee members and staff members who collectively have extensive experience in rural and social development. Most of the founding staff worked voluntarily or in a semi-voluntary capacity for the first year. Their common commitment was to create a local organization that would provide the information, linkages, visits, surveys, training and technical and morale support requested by the people and their local NGOs.

  •  Health
  •  Education
  •  Child Protection
  •  Media Center
  •  Advocacy
  •  Gender & Human Rights
  •  Sanitation & Hygiene
  •  Social Protection

Our Mission

Focus endeavors to capacity development, education, advocacy work and deliver effective humanitarian/relief services to Afghan people to contribute to a sustainable development, just society, and developed infrastructure, where all men, women, and all marginalized groups pursue their goal and affect their lives positively by energetic participation, and awareness campaigns that helps change attitudes.

Our Productive Platforms

FOCUS is not only non-profit organization but
group of volunteers with creative mind and inventions!

Wall of Kindness

Lets build a Rescue house along Focus (Wall of Kindness) to help Afghans in need in this harsh winter.Together we can save lives.

Bawar Force

Bawar Force fight against COVID-19 by educating & deliver relief services including food, medicine, PPE kit and social awareness to Afghan people.

Doctor Plus

DOCTOR PLUS digitized the health sector for the first time in Afg history. Find and Book the appointment from Best Doctors in Afghanistan.

Shamla Atelier

Shamla Atelier is not just a brand but a reflection of Afghanistan's 5,000-year history and a tribute to our skilled women.

How you can help us

Just call at +93 (0) 749999016 to make a donation

Featured Project

Became a Volunteer

Focus is organized by group of volunteers. Volunteers are the complete self of Focus Development Organization FDO and are included in the majority of our projects.

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